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Enter, Corporal Nobby!

Fandom: Discworld
Title: Turning Point (Part 2)
Word Count: 323
Characters: Nobby Nobbs, Fred Colon
Notes: Related to the Turning Point drabble from this post. Title is like that because my brain cells died a few days ago and I can't come up with anything else at the moment.

The last few days have been quite normal—for the Watch that is. Someone has been trying to kill the Patrician—again—and now there’s a killer on the loose—again—and the Commander has charged straight into the centre of trouble without explaining anything and is most probably going to get himself arrested. Again.

“All in all, a pretty normal week,” Colon summarises, panting for breath. “As they say in the military. Everything is snafu.”

Nobby squints at the sky, jogging alongside the sergeant easily. “Snaphoo? Wassat supposed to be, Fred?”

“It’s a military term,” he says, puffing up as importance coats his words. “Captain Carrot mentioned it to me a few days ago.”

“What does it mean?”

“It means…er.” He frowns, deflating a little as he tries to remember what the lad had said. “It means, ‘Sorry, no apples for you.’”

Nobby blinks. “Really, Sarge?”


“Are you sure?”


“Only I don’t see how apples have anythin’ to do with—“

“It does.” Colon insists, scowling darkly.

An explosion rattles the ground, sending pieces of wood and stonework flying towards them as a building up ahead collapses. Something swoops past them, huge, heavy and invisible. The two watchmen skid to an immediate halt, goose bumps prickling their skins.

There is a long silence.

Eventually, Nobby offers a question. “What was that?”

“Best not to try and find out,” Colon suggests, wondering if it’s safe to start running again yet. “Anyway, we better find Mister Vimes soon. Things are looking pretty bad.”

“Right,” Nobby says, taking a few cautious steps forward. Something crashes to his right and he quickly jumps back, out of harm’s way, before creeping closer to peer around the corner. “Er, Sarge?”

“What is it, Nobby?”

“I think I see him.” He pauses, watching in hushed wonder and the next time he speaks, he’s maybe just a little bit impressed. “And I think he’s stolen the Patrician’s carriage.”



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