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I'm More Awake Now, but only Barely

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Title: You Don't Remember
Word Count: 351
Characters: Axel
Notes: Set during KHII. Written for kh_drabble , prompt: inexorable. (Read: naiyad , this, you can read! If you want to, that is)

Axel blinks. “What?”

“You heard me,” Saix says, already turning, already walking away. “Bring No. XIII back at all costs.”


Roxas grits his teeth. “What is going on?” he demands.

Axel is surprised; Roxas’ lips are arched in a frown, his blue eyes glaring, confused, angry. What bothers him is how real the expression looks, more real than anything he can remember from all the time they spent together.

The thought burns in his chest. He lets the flames colour his next words.  “Don’t you understand? This place isn’t real. None of this is real!”

Roxas hesitates, grip loosening on his keyblade. He looks around, taking in the frozen view – the townspeople, the sunset-coloured buildings, his friends, frozen in the act of cheering. He shakes his head, slowly. “You’re wrong.”

“No, I’m not! You don’t belong here, Roxas. You belong with us! With the Organization! With---”

“You’re wrong!” The keyblade clatters to the floor as he raises his hands to his head, eyes squeezing shut. “You’re wrong!” There is a new note in his voice that Axel registers immediately and the sound clenches tightly in his chest, quickening his breath.

“Listen--” he begins, reaching an arm out towards Roxas, his former comrade, his friend.

“No! You’re wrong! Hayner, Pence, Ollette. These are my friends. Not you! I don't even know you!”

That stops him. The words hang in the air, unmistakably heavy before moving to settle in his chest, weighing him down.

He lets his arm fall.


“What if he doesn’t want to come back?” Axel asks, calling out to the retreating figure. “If he doesn’t remember any of this, dragging him back against his will won’t be easy.”

Saix turns then, meeting his eyes, a cruel, sardonic smile playing on his lips. “Then you’ll have to kill him.”


Roxas picks up his keyblade, blue eyes shining with determination as he shifts into the fighting stance Axel remembers oh so well.

Fire blazes in his palms as Axel summons his own weapons, unable to meet his former friend’s gaze. “Please,” he whispers. “Come back.”


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*baaaaaaawwl* DD: Oh no, Axel, you do have a heart!


How are you na? I didn't get to talk to you this week because someone went on an outing and completely forgot about her telephone date with the people of Malaysia. :3

I didn't forget. We had a date every weekend, but nobody specified which day of the weekend.... T-T Is it every Saturday then? I'll keep them free from now on. *sob*

I thought it was Saturday? I could be wrong though. Never mind then. I was only joking anyway. Did Mama tell you I said hi?


Haha. Made you look. :D


I wish I could read it and give you feedback...but I don't know anything about Kingdom Hearts so. Sorry. D:

But anyway, how was your Id? Had fun? You guys get holidays for this occasion, right?

No, no. It's okay! I understand. Thanks, though. :D

Yes! It was fun! There were a lot of treats and rendang, lemang, nasi lemak and my grandad's special macaroni. We got to see some old relatives again. And got lots of duit raya. Of course, the two week holiday was more than welcome, even if it wasn't too productive. (But that makes being back at college again all the more depressing, haha) Unfortunately, we didn't go book shopping this year. Which is kind of sad. Maybe next time. :D

What about you? How have you been doing?

Ooooh sounds like you had a blast! I looked up the dishes you mentioned and oh my gosh...my mouth is watering~ And duit raya, if I'm not mistaken, is kind of like 'reward money' right? [looked it up on google lol]. So you got lots of it, huh? Aren't you a happy girl? ;D So book shopping is a family thing? That's sweet. :)

I understand...I understand how hard it is to go back to school after a long holiday...but you just have to drag yourself, I guess. T_T

I've been good too! Occupying myself with house chores, job search, and GRE preparation...nothing really exciting but that's how life is sometimes, right. :D

Oh, that's right! I was supposed to link them to some pictures but I totally forgot about it! I'm so sorry. They are delicious. Especially the one my grandad makes. His dishes are the best, in my opinion. If you ever decide to visit Malaysia, let me know! Then I can recommend some places you can find awesome food. The must-try dishes! Not the expensive kind, of course. I wouldn't know about those. But traditional, mamak, road-side stalls, I can do. :) And sorry about that too. Should have clarified. Probably wasn't thinking straight at that time. Erm, I guess so. In a way. 'Duit raya' is like ang pau. I don't know if you've heard of that? It's these little packets of money that working adults give to children.

I'm trying. Made it through one week, but it was quite a long one. I'm just glad the last of the chemistry experiments for this semester are over. Thank goodness.

Ooh! Sounds busy. What kind of job are you looking for? And um, what's a GRE preparation? Is that a kind test? True true. When it's boring, we want excitement. When it's exciting, we want peace and quiet. =.=

Nah, don't worry about it. Sure, I'll let you know if I ever decide to visit Malaysia!

Keep hanging on! You can do it!

I'm just looking for some menial part-time jobs because I plan on going to graduate school the coming January...and I just want to occupy myself until then. I already found a temporary one though...it seems pretty doable but the only problem is the long twelve-hour shift. ...I'm sure I can make it though, it's temporary after all.

Oh, GRE [Graduate Record Exam] is a standardized test that everybody who wants to go to graduate school takes. It's like a pre-requisite. All most all colleges require you to submit your GRE scores prior to enrolling.

Alright! That would be fun! :D

Trying! Let's do our best!

Wow. But twelve-hour shift...that sounds harsh. But then again, I suppose most shifts are twelve hours long, huh? What kind of job is it? Will it be hard work?

Oh, I see. Thanks! :D Good luck, good luck! Is it tough?

Nah, a normal shift is 8 hours long.

I'm working for a company that does printing jobs for banks. So basically, I print and stack loads and loads of papers and get them ready to be enveloped and mailed. It's not a difficult job...but standing and stacking for like 11 hours (4 pm to 4 am; 1 hour break) can get really tiring.

Thanks! It is tough, but I'll try my best! :)

Oh. Yeah, that does sound kind of...tiring after a while.

Good luck with that! Hope it goes well!

Absolutely AMAZING drabble!

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